Fire Extinguisher Servicing

fire extinguisher servicing

Outdated, faulty or ineffective fire extinguishers can place lives and property at risk in the case of a fire emergency. That is why it is critical to have fire extinguishers on your premises serviced annually by qualified engineers.


Fire authorities are the main agency responsible for enforcing the law. They will look into complaints, carry out investigations after fires and carry out inspections. Where poor fire safety management is discovered they may prosecute. If there is a very serious risk to life, the fire authority can issue a notice preventing the premises being used for certain things, or preventing people from using all or part of the premises.

Our Service

HT PAT Testing’s fire extinguisher maintenance program involves testing and servicing your fire extinguishers at the recommended intervals to ensure they are functioning correctly, reach their life expectancy and comply with the relevant British Standards.

The following will be included as part of our maintenance program:

  • Test fire extinguishers in accordance with BS 5306-3:2017 fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises

  • Our experienced engineers carry out commissioning and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers advising on any necessary repairs and equipment replacement where required

  • Ensure you have the correct type of extinguishers & signage to cover your type of business

  • Record all work carried out and issue a certificate of inspection

Please contact us for more details regarding the range of standard or comprehensive service and maintenance contracts that we offer.

fire extinguisher maintenance

Ready when you need it

Testing, maintenance and advice with inspection certificates.

Best Practice Guide

A responsible person should be assigned to regularly carry out the following checks on all fire extinguishers within the premises. Here are a few simple checks to help ensure your fire extinguishers will be ready to use if needed in an emergency.

  • Make sure each extinguisher is in the correct location

  • Ensure each extinguisher is visible

  • There should be no obstructions and be easily reached

  • Operating instructions should be legible and facing outwards so they can be easily read 

  • Check that the tamper tags and seals are in place and the extinguisher has not been used

  • Check that there are no signs of damage to the extinguishers

  • If the extinguisher is fitted with a gauge ensure it is in the green zone

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

BAFE trained professional installation, servicing and maintenance of all fire extinguisher types. We also supply new fire extinguishers, associated signage, fire blankets, brackets and cabinets.

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Fire Extinguisher Servicing

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